Thursday, July 08, 2010

HM's new Governor General

David Johnson was Principal of McGill when I went to McGill medical school. He also stuck me asa dignified and honourable man. I congratulate on becoming HM Governor General. I also congratulate Mme Jean for her service to the Canadian Crown. I think she has really grown into the role. I personally would have preferred Senator Hugh Segal, a staunch Monarchist, but this is also a good choice. Johnson is a constitutional expert like HM the Queen. I missed hi at the dinner Monday. That's where the photo was taken.
"My wife and I have always believed that service, whether it is to family, community, university or country is our highest calling," said Johnston in a speech Thursday. "We are proud to have this opportunity to serve Canada and our fellow citizens.

"As the representative of the Queen of Canada, who is our country's head of state, I pledge to be a stalwart defender of our Canadian heritage, of Canadian institutions, and of the Canadian people."

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper Thursday praised his governor general designate David Johnston for his exemplary public service and distinguished academic record.

QMI Agency reported late Wednesday night that Johnston was Harper’s pick.

“David Johnston represents the best of Canada,” Harper said in a statement.

“He represents hard work, dedication, public service and humility. I am confident he will continue to embody these traits in his new role as the Crown’s representative in Canada.”


Anonymous said...

I have a vague memory of David Johnston being one of the lamb lobby in Quebec, that is to say one of the English minority who went along to get along. I would like to hear Bill Johnston of English rights fame on David Johnston. Is he like Gretta Chambers?

Anonymous said...

He also does rap videos for his university. How cool is that?


Hoarfrost said...

The monarchy has given me no reason to reject it. It has worked for us so far and am proud to be a former British Subject but, thanks to the Liberals, I am merely a Canadian Citizen now. I am also proud to be a Canadian Citizen and subject to our Canadian Queen and what the evolved monarchy represents.

May William succeed her and not Charles.

I Support Lord Black