Thursday, July 08, 2010

HM the Queen's gift to the Mohawk people

I thought this was quite wonderful. A renewing of the strong bonds between the Crown and the Mohawk people.

Natives thrilled by surprise gift from queen
by Jason Miller

The local Mohawk community is ringing with joy after the Mohawk band received a surprise gift from Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Toronto Sunday.

Chief R. Donald Maracle of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte was one of two Mohawk leaders who were invited to meet the Queen and Prince Philip at St. James Cathedral, where the Queen presented them a gift of eight silver hand bells to mark the monarch's 300-year relationship with the Mohawk people.

The set of hand bells were engraved "The Silver Chain of Friendship 1710-2010." Maracle said the gift commemorated the 300th anniversary of the 1710 visit of the "four Iroquois kings" with Queen Anne in England.

"It was (the Queen's) idea," said Maracle. "She wanted to honour the anniversary. We're pleased that she remembers the Mohawk people and our mutual history for the past three centuries."


Hoarfrost said...

Agreed. It is a wonderful gesture to our earlist British Subjects, compatriots and Canadian citizens.

May the Monarchy continue to represent our unity while accomodating our differences.

been around the block said...

I'm curious about why hand bells?

Do the Mohawk people know how to ring them? If not, will they learn? It's quite an art.

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