Monday, July 05, 2010

HM the Queen in Toronto

 HM and HRH Prince Philip attended services at my home parish, The Cathedral Church of St James. Large crowds came out to greet them. I was in Montreal because one of my God children was flying in for a visit. I will be in Toronto tonight for the state dinner. She also had a rapturous welcome at Wodbine Raceways for the running of the Queen's plate. video here. Complete coverage of the race here.
She will be visiting Research in Motion today.Lots of great photios.
What an amazing few days.


Anonymous said...

Funny but the Queen shows up and the media are agog and respectful, but when she is gone the knives come out. (real conservative)

been around the block said...

The Canadian media are such tools.

Because they don't know our nation's history and the importance of the Monarchy to our Parliamentary Democracy -- they've been taught that any and all "elites" are bad and exploitative and have absolutely no conception of noblesse oblige; they know only class envy -- their default position is that Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses are worthy of our disdain.

You can actually pick up the condescension in their commentary. I was watching Evan Solomon and Rosemary Barton cover the garden party in Ottawa a few days ago, and their tittering and joking were indicative of their know-nothing, who-cares? attitude.

Rosemary Barton can't hold a candle to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, who is probably the hardest working Briton in the Isles. She's been diligently dutiful as Monarch of the Commonwealth realms for 58 years and doesn't seem likely to be hanging up her crown and scepter anytime soon.

I get a kick, however, out of how astonished the chimps in the media are when they see the THOUSANDS of Canadians thronging the streets to catch a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. They express their astonishment in a nation they blithely comment "aren't very enthusiastic" about the Monarchy.

You'd think maybe they'd get the message: that their message is off. But, no. They're guilty of invincible ignorance. They don't want to admit the truth because it doesn't match their entitled, progressive world view.

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