Friday, July 02, 2010

HM Minister of Heritage is a very hard worker

                                            Soon to be CPC candidate Pierrefonds Dollard Agop Evereklian

               Soon to be CPC Candidate in St Leonard St Michel Riccardo De Ioris     Rodolphe Husny

 I had the chance to attend a luncheon wth HM Minister of Canadian Heritage James Moore. The event took place at the Villa Armando in TMR He came to Montreal,  in to make some announcements after being in Ottawa yesterday. He will leave soon for Winnipeg to join the Royal Tour. He tells me he will be the MC for the State Dinner on Monday in Toronto. It was nice to see many friends including Outremont CPC candidate Rodolphe Husny. My compliments to my friend Marc Olivier Fortin for arranging this great luncheon. Here is the Minister's speech. It was a rousing speech to Quebec Tories to proudly go forward and be Tories.

HM Minister of Heritage James Moore in Montreal from roy eappen on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Actually we haven't had our nomination meeting yet in Pierrefonds Dollard, but Agop has a very good chance of being chosen.

Roy Eappen said...

Thanks I knew that, butI'm pretty sure Agop will win the race.

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