Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hebert on the Gun Registry

I think Hebert's analysis is right.The Tories will use this one way or the other to finish off iffy and his grits. HM PM Harper and our brain trust think strategically and very long term. It is a war of attrition. It is a war The Tories will win.

Conservative strategists see the debate is a win-win and they have no objections in dragging it out to the fall.

If the government succeeds in eliminating the registry with the help of the NDP, it will have fulfilled an iconic promise to its core base.

Such a result would also empower Ignatieff to go after Layton on gun control in the next election.

From the Conservative standpoint, time spent by the Liberals and the NDP on fighting each other is time well spent.

But if the gun registry bill dies at the hand of a concerted Opposition barrage instead, that lost battle will be put to use in the fight for a Conservative majority. That is very much a war of attrition that is being fought on a seat-by-seat basis.


CanadianSense said...


Let the left destroy themselves on their failed ideology.

The world has suffered at the hands of the socialist engineers for too long, it is time to swing the pendulum back to the centre and right.

Blue Wave II.

lance said...

You might be a liberal if:

You're against the police arbitrarily arresting rioters at the G20,

....but, against removing a law that infringes on a citizens rights regarding ad hoc search and seizure laws.

robins111 said...

Its amusing that the Libs spend sooo much time worrying about the possibility of a firearm being misused by the most law abiding segement of the population, but defend the Bloc, the Black-bloc etc.

If the registry sticks to them, its cause they deserve it.
Another Allen Rock special where he & his ilk, know so much more than the plebs

I Support Lord Black