Thursday, July 08, 2010

the hate crime double standard

I oppose hate crime legislation. The criminal code already has sanctions for violent acts and incitement to violence. They are also used capriciously.
From my friend BCF.

This farce proves that hate crime laws are nothing more than political tools in the hands of our political fools. Ontario was able to arrest,charge, try and convict an 83 year old Nazi in a period of 6 months. They had 3 years and 2 attempts to lay charges against Slammin Salman Hossain. They thew the Jewish Community an 83 year old bone and spat in their face by giving Hossain plenty of time and warning to flee.

The Salman Hossain charges are a deceitful pantomine performed to cause the least offense to the Muslim community an ascendant ethnic voting bloc and carrier of the coveted "State Designated Victim" banner. Cowards.

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