Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hackers take down cap and tax site

The lefties don't like al gore's preferred method of profiting from the hoax. Hackers brought down a carbon credit trading site. Perhaps the right and the left will unite to bring down the scam. Probably not.

The website of the London-based carbon credit trading platform was hacked at close to midnight on Friday and showed the spoof homepage for around 22 hours. It then took technical staff another day to restore the official homepage.

Instead of its normal rolling ticker data listing bids for carbon credit futures, the ECX website blared: "Super promo – climate on sale: Guaranteed profit!"

Explaining the "carbon trade scam", the spoof site decried how the EU's flagship environmental policy is "susceptible to corporate lobbying," offers industry "licences to pollute so they can continue business-as-usual," and "generates outrageous profits for big industry polluters, investors in fraudulent offset projects [and] opportunist traders."

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CanadianSense said...

It is a shame so many are unwilling to tackle the real environmental issues for these ponzi schemes.

The refusal by the left to distance themselves from the snake oil salesman prove it is about money.

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