Wednesday, July 14, 2010

grit transport problems

I think the real problem the grits have on these cropss country tours is that they are still broke. I look forward to the new quarterly numbers. The grits campaign planes during elections have also been problematic. The grits have little in the way of grassroots donations. They save their money to pay their gurus like donolo. |How s that working for you iffy... The Tories can afford to charter planes that can get off the ground and buses that are in good repair. The Tory Fundraising Juggernaut allows the party the ability to do these things.
The grits are whining that people are mocking the iffy tour.
Look at the photo the red star picked. How can you not laugh at the rain and broken down bus. For goodness sake iffy stepped on his wife;s foot and broke it. iffy is not a leader.

Brian Lilley says this is the them song...

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