Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good: khadr stays in gitmo

The Federal Court of Appeals has recognized that courts do not set foreign policy in Canada. So omar stays for trial in gitmo.

Any chance the Canadian government would come to Omar Khadr’s rescue before his murder trial starts in Guantanamo Bay next month seems to have been washed away with a court ruling.

The Federal Court of Appeals has sided with the Harper government, staying an order that required the Conservatives to quickly come up with and pursue ways to help the young Canadian terror suspect.

The court found a judge had overstepped his authority by ordering the government to help Khadr and by setting himself up to supervise and approve its actions.

Khadr, now 23, has been held in U.S. custody since he was accused, at the age of 15, of killing a U.S. army medic in Afghanistan by throwing a grenade at him during a firefight.

The court ruling delivered last week brings at least a temporary halt to a legal bid to force the Canadian government to help Khadr, an effort that picked up steam thanks to the country’s top court.


Anonymous said...


E Mac.

wilson said...

Just like the (ex)civil servants at StatsCan, this judge thinks he can run the government.
Good slap down here,

'...He agreed with the government’s contention that the judge was overstepping his boundaries.

“For a member of the judiciary to give himself the power to ‘supervise’ the exercise of the Crown’s prerogative ... could be seen, in itself, as an affront to the division of powers that would cause irreparable harm.”

....The judge said the perceived violation of the government’s authority would do it more harm than halting the decision would do Khadr.

Read more:

Bec said...

Better than a great judgement,a brilliant judgement and best of all, the supporters of this guy's freedoms, are generally absent from the freedoms FOR law abidding CANADIANS!

That would be, THE CENSUS!

been around the block said...

Hallelujah! Common sense and good judgment prevail.

Khadr needs to stay where he is and face justice in the U.S.. He's a Canadian in name only, has never felt or demonstrated any loyalty -- nor has his family -- to Canada or our way of life. Frankly, I hope he never comes back to Canada and am cynical about any "rights" he might claim for himself North of the 49th parallel.

A bit O/T, Dr. Roy, but I am listening to an absolutely exquisite piece by Ralph Vaughan Williams this evening, Symphony No. 5 (4/5) - 3rd Movement, conducted by Andre Previn:

I realize that it's music like this that helps one cope when life gets just too crazy -- that, and judgments like the one just handed down re Khadr's trial in the U.S..

Shawn Abigail said...

Unfortunately the damage is already done. Most people don't follow this whole case closely, and millions of Canadians will only remember the last case and think the Harper government is ignoring a court order. It is incumbent on those of us who have the facts to set the story straight whenever needed.

Of course, if Khadr was sent back to Canada, it wouldn't be such a bad thing. Instead of this smiling 15 year old in a high school yearbook photo, Canadians would see a full grown man, and we would be able to hear him if he spouts jihadi extremism.

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