Monday, July 19, 2010

gillard is an atheist, will that affect her chances?

I'm not sure but I am told by some of my friends in Oz that even the right side of the Australian labour party are not so happy with gillard's atheism. I hope that the Coalition will beat labour on the Aug 21 vote. This may indeed play a factor.

The PM's admission that she doesn't believe in God has divided religious leaders, writes John Elder.

ON AUGUST 15, between 3pm and 6pm, Julia Gillard may feel a sudden draining of her energy. She'll shrug it off as a sign that the demands of campaigning are catching up with her. And she'll be right.

On that Sunday, Melbourne witch and high priestess Lizzy Rose and her coven will invite Ms Gillard's energy into their magic circle to speak about ''her intentions of where she is taking the country''.

Ms Rose says her divinations ''will prove to us whether Julia is going to govern through ego or through her heart space''.

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Anonymous said...

Roy Replace the word Atheist with the word Catholic, Protestant or any other religion and would you be asking the same question

Rob C