Saturday, July 31, 2010

Frum wants a carbon tax

I of course oppose a carbon tax. It is an unnecessary tax grab. I do however agree with this passage from the article.

The climate-change issue has provoked great skepticism. Too many climate advocates have engaged in hysterical exaggeration (that’s you, Al Gore). Others have engaged in dirty tricks and data manipulation (hello, “hide the decline”). But maybe the biggest problem of all is the well-founded suspicion that many climate-change activists are trying to use the environment to smuggle in other concerns: to promote the redistribution of wealth to poorer countries, to expand the role of government in the private economy.

The climate issue won’t go anywhere until climate advocates jettison those unrelated priorities. Junk the secret agenda, and the core problem may prove surprisingly easy to fix.


Jen said...

Alberta has a $10 'Carbon Tax' which the money from that tax remains in Alberta.

CanadianSense said...

Many of us have no problem with the government cleaning up the pollution, charging the polluters more doing business.

The disconnect is creating an exchange having energy companies buy them to avoid cleaning up the problem locally.

I have ZERO interest in having my tax dollars going to another regime or saving a forest that was never threatened so groups like Greenpeace or WWF can make millions selling the carbon offsets.

Motor Vehicles account for 12% of the Co2 emissions. The carbon taxes on fuel has not reduced the use of vehicles in BC.

The Green Energy Act in Ontario has removed the municipal oversight. The Giant Fans are not green. We need to upgrade the grid and push for more conservation.

If Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver need MORE energy they need to adapt and make local changes.

They should not destroy the beauty rural countryside with Giant Fans.

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