Friday, July 23, 2010

Finally US cap and tax is dead

Senator Inhofe told me this last year, but it is now fully confirmed. This is good news for Canadians as well. We would have been drugged into the US scheme, now we won't be.

Cap and Trade is Dead (Really, Truly, I'm Not Kidding). Who's to Blame?

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The headline has been written countless times, but this time it is true: carbon cap-and-trade of any sort will not come out of this Congress—and perhaps it never will. Instead of comprehensive economy-wide carbon cap that Senator John Kerry had urged—and that the House had already passed a year ago—or even the compromise utility-only cap bill that had been suggested as an alternative, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced today that he would move forward next week on a bill that only deals with the BP oil spill and a few other low-profile energy policies. The reason was simple, according to Reid—politics:...

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Good news indeed from my namesake's article. (real conservative)

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