Saturday, July 17, 2010

ellie may's crumbling party

From the Democratic Space Blog:
(1) the Executive Director quit and was replaced by the Tech guy; yup, the coax cable guy (his expression) now runs the Greens.
(2) one Deputy Leader was replaced by another guy, who proceeded to quit within months, join the Bloc Quebecois, and now won’t return the Leader’s calls.
(3) more layoffs and employee resignations too numerous to list (including most the organizers).
(4) more high-profile candidates resigning (amazingly the top 3 Green candidates from 2008 are now gone, not including the leadership of course).
(5) the leader’s campaign manager in Saanich-Gulf Islands quit, and was replaced by an underling from Nova Scotia.
(6) a 20% decline in average party support from this time 2 yrs ago (i.e. 4 months before the last election).
(7) more EDAs de-registered by Elections Canada (bringing the total to 44 over the last few yrs — 3 times more than all other major parties combined).
(8) …that means still no local organization in 1/4 of the country.
(9) most Federal Council positions being acclaimed because of lack of interested candidates…
(10) a precipitous 20% decline in the party’s membership in the last year — yes, you read that right, down 20% in one year!
(11) a near 50%(!) decline in the # of donors from 2008, which is especially bad since…
(12) it’s the only party in the red – $1.2 million in outstanding liabilities and negative working capital.

ellie may wants no leadership review and wants to basically be declared dictator for life. She is a disaster. She is arrogant and nasty. If the Green Party wants to survive she should be ejected, but I think she will stay and try and merge the greens with the grits.


been around the block said...

Ellie May's still around?

Who would know? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Imagine if they fail to get that subsidy from the voter during the next election.

When you whore out your values to other parties you tend to lose credibility.

Who will speak for the dolphins?

The_Iceman said...

This helps illustrate why it is impossible for the Greens to be anywhere near 12% as Frank Graves so often claims. I would set the odds at 100 to 1 that the Greens get 12% in the next General Election.

Also, I think her biggest problem within her party is that it is VERY important for the Greens to get a seat, and the leader is the most likely to win one. But she has it stuck in her mind to take down a Tory cabinet minister rather than run in the riding with the best chance of victory.

She has a 0% chance of winning in Saanich unless Iggy pulls the Liberal candidate (which I don't know why he'd do because the Libs should want to win Saanich).

Anonymous said...

Leadership is important. If the leader does not deliver the message in an articulate manner, there is no way the electorate will support your policies. Elizabeth May has been a disaster. My favourite interview was before she became leader - she was on a train to somewhere - crying over the environment. Sheesh! What a poor choice the Greens made when they promoted her to the job. Cheers. FernStAlbert

Anonymous said...

My fave Ms. May Moment was during the Munk Debates, moderated with quiet integrity by Steve Paiken. Further to talk of the rough and rowdy daily proceedings in Parliament, Ms. May quickly descended into an onstage screaming rant, immediately shouting in a deranged unhinged manner demanding that MORE TIME!! be given to her to speak, despite already getting more time than the other participating panel members.

Anonymous said...

Political miracles or not, somebody will soon pull the plug on their debts. (real conservative)

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