Friday, July 30, 2010

Elaine Benes leads the grits?

wouldn't you like to see a dance off between these. Wow iffy is awkward. Maybe he forgot to take dance lessons at that great public high school Upper Canada College.

Iffy is open to more deficots and more stimulus spending. It was the grits and dippers who forced the deficit on us in the first place.
Ignatieff Says It's Too Soon to `Shut the Door' on More Canada Stimulus
By Theophilos Argitis - Jul 30, 2010 10:51 AM EDT
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Canadian opposition leader Michael Ignatieff said it’s too early to “shut the door” on additional economic stimulus as new spending measures may be needed to fuel the recovery.

Ignatieff, whose Liberal Party holds the balance of power in Parliament, said “very high levels” of consumer debt pose a risk to the recovery by putting a “squeeze on the middle-class family” as interest rates rise.

“We’re not sure the economic recovery is stable,” Ignatieff, 63, said in an interview in Toronto yesterday. “We’re going to have to make judgments about whether stimulus may be necessary” next year.

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CanadianSense said...

“Our margins have been shaved away by the Conservatives,” said Ignatieff, adding that he takes the need to reduce debt levels “very seriously.”

Ignatieff must think the Federal Government is run like a retailer and should continue to gouge "the Canadians" through more taxes to boost the Government margins.

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