Saturday, July 17, 2010

dhimmi Air Canada?

Lawrence Solomon say sell your Air Canada stock. I guess security is not an Air Canada priority.


been around the block said...

Yeah, this is the new Canada: special treatment for visible minorities while the rest of us have to toe the line and follow the rules.

On a flight last summer from Pearson to Rome, I was appalled at how lax security was. I had complied with all of the rules for international travel, down to having all my liquids, in my carry-on, in plastic, regulation-sized, see-through bottles, and NO ONE even looked (aside from my backpack going through the x-ray machine).

In fact, when the line was going through to the boarding area, the security personnel were talking to one another and paying no attention to the passengers. So, on a wing and more than a few prayers, we boarded the plane. By God's grace alone, it seems, our flight was uneventful -- but no thanks to the personnel at Pearson.

Anonymous said...

In defense of the employees at "The People's Airline"; would you stop a masked Muslim from breaking security regulations when you know that you will be denounced as a racist by the MSM and the left-wing community?

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