Monday, July 26, 2010

Cross Country Checkup on Lord Black

                                                                       (h/t BCF)

It was an interesting 2 hours on Cross Country Checkup. Lots of fairly positive comments and I must say Ann Medina, the guest host was pretty even handed.
You can listen to me I'm the first caller after the first guest at 15:03. My friend and fellow BT Adam Dafaillah was on in pre recorded form at 30:30 and my friend Paul Beaudry was on 1:04:30 I told him about the show on Facebook. Paul has a great radio voice. He should have his own radio or TV show. Adam was great as always. There was the usual schadenfreude about Lord Black, but many callers were quite pleased by his release from prison.

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been around the block said...

'Anyone else see a resemblance between Lord Black and Lady Barbara Amiel Black? They've been married a long time. It's what happens ...

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