Friday, July 02, 2010

The collapsing hoax

Lawrence Solomon reports on the lack of gloabl warming hysteria at the G8 and G20. Wonder why? The leaders see the riting on the wall.

Support for global-warming programs is also in tatters in the U.S., where polls show — as in Europe — that the great majority rejects global-warming catastrophism. The public resents repeated attempts to pass cap and trade legislation over their objections, contributing to the fall in popularity of President Barack Obama and Congress. Public opinion surveys now predict that this November’s elections will see sweeping change in the United States, with legislators who have signed on to the global-warming hypothesis being replaced by those who don’t buy it.

In the lead-up to the Toronto meetings and throughout them, one country — Canada — and one leader — Prime Minister Stephen Harper — have stood out for avoiding the worst excesses associated with climate change. Dubbed the Colossal Fossil three years running by some 500 environmental groups around the world, Canada — and especially Harper — are reviled among climate-change campaigners for failing to fall into line.

Not coincidentally, Canada has also stood out for having best withstood the financial crisis that beset the world. Fittingly, Canada and its leader played host to the meetings.


Bec said...

Ya but consider the investment dollars, those that have been created and those that invested in the 'kool-aid'. it's mind boggling and in some cases, financial ruin.

Not only personal wealth but domestic wealth for many countries and so.....yup, bring it on and screw the taxpayers.

In this country alone....the Provinces have been suckered and in particular Dalton and his brother Jean, to the East are going to need to be defeated on their stupidity, specifically on this file, to have this slowly wind's a web and Canadians are stuck in the crevices of it, big time.

Anonymous said...

yet obama has his cap and trade legislation teed up up and ready to go.

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