Friday, July 16, 2010

Chris Shaeffer takes over at CCF

My friend Chris Shafer has taken over the reins from the very capable John Carpay at the Canadian Constitution Foundation. I have no doubt that Chris will aggressively fight for freedom and what is right. I have supported the CCF for several years they have done some great things defending free speech, property rights, trying to break the government healthcare monopoly and several other issues. They are the equivalent to the government court challenges program, which has been very much cut back, but it is totally privately funded. The CCF has also run a number of very interesting and successful conferences.
I had a chance to speak to Chris a few days ago to express how pleased I was with his appointment. He assured me that the CCF would continue fighting for the fundamental rights of Canadians. My friend Karen Selick , director of litigtion at the CCF is also pleased.
I urge you all to donate to this very worthy cause.

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