Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cameron is a disappointment

HM UK PM Cameron has made some very silly coments about Gaza. He is a wet. Hopefully the Tory right will one day retake the UK Tory party. Perhaps HM PM Cameron should read this as well. Israel is a democracy in a sea of tyranny. Israel is a staunch ally. Cameron should understand that. Unfortunately he seems to be taking advice from bo.

This is not the first time Cameron had described Palestinians as being imprisoned in Gaza. Quoting from Hansard, the House of Commons’s official record, The Guardian reports his remarks during a June 28 debate: “Everybody knows that we are not going to sort out the problem of the Middle East peace process while there is, effectively, a giant open prison in Gaza.”

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Anonymous said...

Cameron is a twirp.

3 years ago he supported Hezbollah accusing Israel of "disproportionate force."

A typical Etonian antisemite.

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