Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

I had the pleasure of meeting Ayaan Hirsi Ali last year. She is an amazing , brave young woman who understands first hand the jihadi threat. It is great to watch her slap down another cbc leftist. (h/t Kathy

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been around the block said...

Great interview on Ayaan Hirsi Ali's part. Jian Ghomeshi? 'Pretty lame.

From a comment I made over at SDA:

So, Jian Ghomeshi is a Muslim? Interesting. He quickly makes a disclaimer that it's only the fact that it's the family he was born into that makes him a Muslim, and seems to have nothing useful to say about the very serious claims Ayaan Hirsi Ali makes about the mistreatment of women on the part of many Muslims and how this abuse is justified by Islam/the Koran. 'Talk about slipping under the wire. 'Not an impressive display.

It was instructive, and not at all surprising, to see the knots Hirsi Ali tied him in! He started out oh, so sure of his snotty self and his condescending opinions of his "right wing" guest, and ended up being lassoed by Hirsi Ali's calm, her coolness, and her reasoning skills -- neither "left" nor "right," as she was at pains to point out -- which left him hog-tied with a stupid, lop-sided grin on his face. [Freudian slip: I first typed sop-sided grin ...]

It's ironic, though, isn't it: that it takes a young Somali woman, with no prior experience in the West, to be able to see, and have the courage to say, that the anti-Christian Emperor/Empress of the Western Chattering Class has no clothes?
It is not lost on her that it is Christianity (a "developed religion" which is "enlightened" and "friendly"!) that stands in the gap between Western Civilization and barbarity.
Would that those of us who have for centuries been the beneficiaries of Christian largess could be as clear-seeing, as clear-thinking, and as courageous as Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

I do question one area in Hirsi Ali's thinking at SDA:

(Where Ayaan Hirsi Ali's argument falls down, is her not understanding the deeper, anti-family, anti-Christian, agenda of the extremist, radical feminists -- the "official feminists" who, in the past, have had all the government money to hawk their agenda. She would call herself a feminist and is flummoxed as to why North American feminists don't come to the aid of Muslim women who are systemically abused. I suspect these feminists are not just being culturally sensitive and don't come to Muslim women's aid a) because they're cowards and don't want to stir up the ire of often-violent Muslim men and b) because they don't go along with most Muslim women's comfort level being in the home and caring for their kids. They also must know that Muslim women and men are vehemently against abortion -- which is one of the litmus tests you have to pass to get any empathy, sympathy, or support from them.)

Back to the present: Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a remarkable and courageous woman who has vastly contributed to the defense of Western Civilization. She lived outside of it for years and now that she is the beneficiary of the democratic freedoms we live with in the West, she is more aware than most of what is at stake if we stop being vigilant and let Sharia law take over. She does not want to see us Dhimmied.

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