Saturday, July 24, 2010

As I wrote before...

The Count of Monte Cristo: The Sequel?
Margaret Wente notes that when Lord Black sues , he wins. I have no doubt, that pattern will continue.
His next book will skewer his enemies. HIs lawyers should put the fear of ruin into them in the near future. I agree with David Frum, restore Lord Black's citizenship.

Journalists have learned the hard way that Lord Black always wins. He has sued most of the major Canadian media, including the CBC, the Toronto Star, The Canadian Press and The Globe and Mail. In 1983, he sued his biographer, Peter Newman, over a snarky story Mr. Newman wrote for a society magazine called Town and Country. In 2005, he sued him again over a vicious characterization of Barbara in Mr. Newman’s memoir, Here Be Dragons. He once sued writer Ron Graham for a passing remark made in a book called God’s Dominion: A Skeptic’s Quest; his complaint was that “the author announces that having me for an acquaintance taught him that greed and ego add peculiarly to the sum total of human misery.” He extracted an effusive apology, which appeared in an ad in The Globe.


Anonymous said...

The Queen suck.

Anonymous said...

If Lord Black takes on the media in this country then he will become one of my heroes, not that I dislike him now by any means. (real conservative)

been around the block said...

real conservative, he alread DID take on the media in this country, when he started the National Post. Why do you think he's in the pickle he's in?

But, I know what you mean. Check out Blazing Cat Fur's latest, The Revenge of Conrad Black: a great poster: There Will be Lawsuits.

I sure hope, like you, that he's got the Canadian MSM in his sights AND Mr. Chretien: What's with a Canadian Prime Minister refusing Canadian citizenship to a Canadian citizen who is being honoured by the Queen of Canada? I'm actually shocked and appalled that that was even allowed to happen.

I posted this comment over at SDA, concerning Margaret Wente's column today:

From Wente's column: "He’s got to figure out a way to get back home to Canada, the land he once derided as a 'Third World dump run by raving socialists.'"

Lord Black is often accused of being hyper articulate or just plain over the top, but his description of Canada during the Trudeaupian/Power Corporation stranglehold on our politics, from the early '70s to 2006 (holy cow! 30 YEARS!), is conservatively accurate. He could have been much more scathing without sacrificing the veracity of his opinion.

I am delighted he's out of jail and I hope he KICKS THE BUTTS of the vindictive, envious, thugs in the Librano$ and all of their media hangers-on who had a vendetta against him, vendettas being something the Librano$ -- with their Quebec lieutenant, Gagliano, and his connections arranging things -- were particularly adept at.

Whatever Lord Black's peccadilloes, he didn't deserve the jail time. I kind of get the feeling that the judge is an overly zealous, finger-wagging, politically correct/corporation envious, new puritan. I see these types all the time in the "education system," the new overseers who are historically challenged and can't hold a candle to half the staff they're "managing," either professionally or ethically. From all of the Amy St. Eves, good Lord, deliver, us.

Conrad Black is actually a Canadian hero.

He took a badly entrenched media where the only "balanced" debate was one slightly left of centre, more left of centre, then out in left field, and opened it up to comments and opinions of a much broader nature. Of course, his detractors in the Liberal$, NDP, and the Bloc, not to mention the CBC, the TorStar, the Probe and Fail, etc. were livid that the silent majority of Canadians now had a voice in the way our country was being run.

Though there were a few of us who'd figured this out -- but had little or no voice in the national "debate," certainly not within the media loop -- the National Post notified the country that under the Liberal$, Canada was being run by a bunch of special-interest groups intent on forwarding a left-lib, socialist, secular humanist agenda, in part by misrepresenting the aspirations of most Canadian families -- that would include moms, dads, and kids -- as backwards and retrograde.

The National Post eloquently defended, and still does, the integrity of the traditional family, the Church, and much smaller government. They also did a lot of investigative reporting, something our MSM had long ago eschewed, to expose the many Liberal scandals which cost the Canadian taxpayer a bunch of bucks, not to mention a smaller stake in their own future.

No wonder so many have been out to get him. Conrad Black has widened our democracy in Canada, giving voice through his media empire, to millions of Canadians who had been left out of the national debate and the media loop for far too long.

I am very grateful to him and wish him and Lady Black the very best in the future. May he vanquish all of his nasty, mean-spirited, and envious detractors!

Honey Pot said...

I always love to listen to Conrad Black. So arrogant, with a caustic wit that could cut throats with less than a whole sentence. The only reason he was put in jail is because he was rich, and confident.

He is the leader of the revolution here in Canada, he gave Canada back to us. He put his thoughts in words, and empowered everyone else to.

Conrad approached going to prison as an adventure, and instead of breaking the man, as the left hoped, it has empowered him.

Anonymous said...

Been around the block, insightful post there unlike my usual hit and runs. Yes, Black did take on the MSM in past didn't he? I'm hoping that the trend escalates and we move rightward. I expect the left are hand wringing these days having believed easy victory was theirs: Canada becoming part of a global communist empire without any amount of resistance at all. (real conservative)

I Support Lord Black