Thursday, July 08, 2010

23.9% support for the grits?

Wow. The grit pollster frank graves will be busy crafting new advice to his grit masters. They really must merge with the dippers. The real question now is will iffy survive to fight an election. These are pretty devastating numbers. In spite of grit mud throwing , Tory numbers stay about 35% and grit numbers continue to plummet.


byng said...

wow ! does one suppose there is a connection between constant mud-slinging, uber-spinning, never-ending butt-kicking, and voter intention ?
these guys should grow up, and make an honest effort at rebuilding their party, so that a Manley or Mckenna might even consider leading them

L said...

The Fake Lake Society must be devestated. Iggy's China trip bowing to them on human rights has not even been figured in yet. How embarrassing!

The_Iceman said...

How much longer until the Liberal and NDP numbers are in a "statistical tie"?

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