Sunday, June 13, 2010

Watch Out CBC "Koryvision" is coming

An interesting article by Steve Maher, hardly a conservative. He is not very impressed with the cbc. He seems to suggest that the whole coalition fiasco is the result of the badly handled firing of catsmeat. It is essentially catsmeat's revenge. iffy must rue the day he ever allowed catsmeat anywhere near the grits. He also sees a new more conservative news network as a game changer. It is amusing the left rail against a new news network. They all say it can't succeed. That's what they said about Fox. Now cnn , hln and msnbc combined don't come close. My friend Adam Dafaillah says we need a calvary. This would be at least less leftist biased reporting. That would be a good start. No wonder don newman is upset.

But to get Fox News North on the dial up here, Teneycke faces bigger challenges than the scorn of his potential journalistic competitors. He has to get federal regulatory approval from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, with a guaranteed revenue stream from cable consumers.

The application is not yet public, but you can bet that Quebecor is seeking mandatory carriage, which would guarantee them a stream of revenue from basic cable subscribers across the country.

CBC News Network collects 63 cents a month from each cable and satellite subscriber from such a designation, picking up $65 million before they sold an ad last year. CTV News Channel, which has a less valuable second-tier designation, earned only $15 million from cable fees last year.

The CRTC is not in the habit of giving out first-tier licences, but Peladeau and Teneycke are both persuasive fellows, with excellent connections with this government.

If the CRTC turns down KoryVision, cabinet could overturn the decision on the grounds that the country needs a conservative TV channel. It’s an argument that would strongly appeal to their base and deeply irritate a bunch of people who vote for other parties.

It could be the most significant decision Harper makes as prime minister.


Anonymous said...

Funny, maybe we have an election issue???

Hoarfrost said...

It is odd that it is a Quebec based entity that will own this proposed channel. With all the recent talk about a new separation referendum it would seem incongruos.

Anonymous said...

Yes planets have aligned to see this project off the ground but this has been in the works for a number of years now. It has been known to conservatives in Canada that without media support up here we will never poll at +50% like Republicans do in the US. (real conservative)

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