Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Union dues...

..are paying for these protests, though most union members do not approve of this advocacy spending. cupe flags flew at the flotilla of hate rallies in Toronto and cupe members seemed to protect the criminal thugs. Many union members actually vote Tory. It's time to get rid of the rand formula. Why do we force people to join these unions? It certainly violates freedom of association rights, but our living tree judges thought not. Maybe this issue needs to be revisited.

TORONTO — With thousands of people marching in the streets of Toronto, Canadians may be asking who’s paying for these protests against the G8 and G20 summits? Well, if you belong to a union, the answer is you are.

From pushing for a global bank tax, to demanding Canadian taxpayers fund overseas abortions and even launching a court challenge over police tactics, Canada’s labour movement is front and centre in the fight against the summits.

Not everyone agrees with this kind of political activism by unions.

“Mandatory dues collected from workers should not be used to undertake political activities,” said Garnet Genuis, a senior fellow with the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies.

Genuis is co-author of a report that calls for an end to the use of union dues to pay for political action.

“The target isn’t unions that are talking about health and safety issues,” said Genuis, “but unions doing advocacy unrelated to workplace issues.”

A 2008 Nanos Research survey found 70% of union members oppose dues going to advocacy groups.

Thousands of labour leaders will come to Toronto to denounce the G20 and push back against globalization. Many of those leaders will arrive Saturday morning, flying in from Vancouver, where the Canadian Labour Congress has just wrapped up a global meeting of union bosses.


Anonymous said...

Buzz Hardgrove said that anyone can get a CUPE flag and wave it,there was no evidence that hte person was a union worker.

Right buzz,but boy those CAW and CUPE thugs love to bash evryone else even if it's only a rumour or vague allegation.
I worked really hard at a summer job during my High School days, one was in a Unionized factory. Thank God I saw what happens when you remove 95% our your brian and need a bell to tell you when to work,when to eat,when to go home, and when to protest for whatever you're told to protest.
One guy boasted how he's taking it easy because he's retiring in 8 years,others mocked the products they made and said they don't buy this junk.
Today the Plant is gone and so are the jobs, Condo's and houses now filled the land and the people in them work for Companies that import products from China and Mexico.
The CAW and CUPE memeber fill their home with products from china and Mexico made from slave labour and then have the nerve to demand that cnadians fill our garages with CAW cars.
Lets see the TV and Appliances in Buzz's home,or Sid Ryan's home.

Alex said...

Lets tax the unions.

I Support Lord Black