Sunday, June 06, 2010

Two lefty creeps

Brian Lilley writes about those two creeps duceppe and pat martin. Apparently martin has been trying to remove his feet from his mouth, but has just revealed his lefty bias. Let's hope these lefties are successful in driving out all people of faith from their parties and into the welcoming arms of the true big tent party, the Tories.

Talk about a couple of politicians that give me the creeps. I don’t know why anyone would have anything to do with Gilles Duceppe or Pat Martin, to paraphrase Martin himself.

Duceppe, the Bloc Quebecois Leader started his own inquisition in Parliament last month naming a member of the Conservative national council and a former candidate as members of Opus Dei, the Catholic religious group that has more conspiracies surrounding it than Area 51. As people began talking about the issue of Opus Dei and “news” that a priest from the organization had taken part in a luncheon on Parliament Hill, Martin offered up to reporters that he found them to be “creepy.”

I shouldn’t be surprised about Duceppe, he and the rest of Quebec’s elite are waging a war against the Catholic Church.


dupmar said...

If I am not mistaken, the criticism was directed against Opus Dei, rather than the Catholic Church as a whole.

And in this respect, Opus Dei is not without its critics in the Catholic Church for its "secretive", " cult-like" behavior. For example, James Martin, Jesuit priest and acting publisher for "America" , the National Catholic weekly publication in the US, wrote a critical piece on Opus Dei in the Feb 25, 1995 issue:

"OPUS DEI IS THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL group in the Catholic Church today... To its critics it is a powerful, even dangerous, cult-like organization that uses secrecy and manipulation to advance its agenda. At the same time, many Catholics admit knowing little about this influential group."

I won't reiterate Father Martin's argument, you can read his article, but this is not your typical Catholic parish organization, but a separate, independent, parallel structure outside the diocese, with its recruitment, gatherings and purpose. Such purpose has not been disclosed to Jesuits such as Father Martin. Given the cult's counter-revolutionary origins during the Spanish civil war, the pre-eminence of Opus Dei supporters in right wing dictatorial regimes in South America, and so on and so forth,
it is not surprising that certain Canadian parliamentarians choose to add the voices to the Jesuits in criticizing the secretive nature and purpose of such group.

Nor does it surprise me that certain blogging tories are all too eager to take up the cause and embrace Opus Dei.

been around the block said...

No, Mr. dupmar, an attack on Opus Dei is an attack on the Catholic Church.

We shouldn't be surprised. The Christian Church -- with the Roman Catholic Church being the oldest and longest-standing expression of Jesus Christ's Church here on earth -- has always been under attack.

However, by God's grace, His promise stands: The gates of Hell will not prevail against my Church.

Try as they might, the appallingly small-minded, totalitarian, illiberal, intolerant forces amassed (ha!) against the Christian/Catholic Church amount to very little. They may have a moment "in the sun"," when the Zeitgeist is veering leftward on the sundial -- with support in the media -- but it's only a momentary, though painful, glitch for humankind.

Duceppe and Martin are merely pimply eruptions on the face of humanity, the humanity created in the image of G*d.

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