Thursday, June 03, 2010

Turkey and Iran

This whole hate flotilla from Turkey, seems to be an attempt by Turkey to deflect attention from Iran's nuclear weapons program. Remember the Brazil/Turkey/Iran nuclear agreement? It seems that Turkey wants a nuclear weapon as well and the best way for it to have a nuclear weapon is to help Iran break all international conventions and build a nuke.
It seems awfully convenient that Turkey has staged this incident right now. One wonders if Iran is not far more advanced in building it's bomb than any of us think. The fallout from the incident may delay sanctions against the mad mullahs.Turkey under its Islamist government is becoming a threat to NATO and the west. It is finding common cause with the mad mullahs, a very dangerous development. It seems Turkey really is not part of Europe.

To those with past experience of Iran’s tactics, both timing and terms of the new deal look deeply suspect. Iran is facing a fourth set of UN sanctions. Two days after the Tehran “breakthrough”, a draft resolution agreed by the six countries Iran has been refusing to talk to, including previously reluctant Russia and China, was circulated to the rest of the Security Council. That was despite the claim by Turkey’s foreign minister that the Tehran deal meant further sanctions were now unwarranted.

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BTW, Cyprus refuses to allow "IHH' to dock on their soil. Now isn't that interesting.

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