Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trying to change the channel

The grit media is despairing of iffy, so I gues they will go continue their attacks on the Tories. The grits don't have enough money to put up tv ads, so they rely on their media partners at the cbc, globe, ctv and red star. This is too funny from jeffy simpson. He thinks the Tories will get rid of HM PM Harper.

The media, as is customary, have developed a one-dimensional narrative about Canadian politics around the travails of the Liberal Party, up to and including asking breathlessly if the party can be saved.

Everything is wrong in the Liberal world, especially its leader Michael Ignatieff, about whom barely a good word can be spoken. Internal disarray, policy incoherence, fundraising difficulties, Bob Rae envy. It’s so bad for the Liberals that the absurdity of a merger with the NDP has been raised.

Assume for the sake of argument that this description is valid, that the Liberal Party is in complete chaos. Would it not logically follow, then, that if the Liberals are so down, the Conservatives should be so up? A parallel narrative, then, with the Official Opposition in terrible shape, should have Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservatives safely in majority government territory.

Even jeffy sees the upcoming grit loss and tries to spin spin spin. He dismisses the bad polls for the grits and uses the same poll numbers to try advance his own spin, Too funny.


Honey Pot said...

How the hell Jeffy, got that the conservatives are looking for a new leader because the liberals are in utter chaos and have a dud as a leader,is insane. I think it is more panic than anything else, the liberal msm knows if the liberals die, they do too.

wilson said...

Jeff was just tossing the Libloggers a feel-good bone to gnaw on.

If the Libluvin media didn't keep Liberals in the news, good or bad, 24/7, they would be polling at 20%.

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