Sunday, June 13, 2010

travers on the coalition

More dispair from uber grit travers. travers understands the mischief of pseudochretien and that the coalition is an advertising bonanza for the Tories. It is nice to see travers so upset. The new network should make his head explode.

Fuelling all of this are reversed priorities that put look-at-me budgie vanity ahead of party stability and national interests. Since Harper sent Martin packing, Liberals have squandered serial opportunities to regroup, rebuild and regenerate the support that made them Canada’s natural governing party. Conservatives are now well on the way to usurping that mantle.

Harper’s relentless progress towards the holy grail of federal politics is greased only by Liberals unable to put aside habitual bickering long enough to explain first to themselves and then to voters what it means to be a 21st century progressive.

In effect if not necessarily by intent, Liberals, now behaving as Ignatieff’s worst enemies, have become Harper’s best friends. They are focusing unflattering public attention on themselves just when you-gotta-be-kidding summit spending is making Conservatives vulnerable.

More damaging in the medium term, Liberals are gift-wrapping a socialist coalition stick for Harper to use beating opponents silly in the coming campaign.

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