Saturday, June 05, 2010

travers is desperate too.

uberliberal travers is desperate to save his fast sinking grits.It's interesting how these lefty columnists are so eager to give the grits advice. Even they realiza the coronation of iffy and dithers was a bad idea. So now some grits want to bring back pseudochretien. Why not dig up Mackenzie King. Better yet iffy could hold a seance and try and communicate with mackenzie king through dion's dog named kyoto. Face it, the grits believe in nothing and there is no money to continue buying votes, The erthnic communities have realized that the grits don't represent their views. Religious peopl of all stripes are being shown daily how the grits are the party against faith. The grits can't raise money and those who recruited iffy are jumping ship fast. This latest party rebellion should reignite even more divisions. I urge my blue grit and social conservative grit friends to leabve their sinking ship and come to a Tory rescue boat. friends

This week’s caucus implosion over support for Conservative immigration change is one of many symptoms of a once dominant party in steep decline and startling disarray. Ignatieff has lost his personal compass and seems physically exhausted. Alf Apps, one of the supplicants who lured Ignatieff back from Harvard, is expected to step down soon from the presidency of a party failing to fill its campaign coffers. Liberals in and out of Parliament are again searching for a messiah, or even an NDP coalition, to lead them from the wasteland back to power.

A measure of the madness here is the seriousness some backroom Liberals are lending to Chr├ętien’s mischievous remark that he, like Britain’s iconic William Gladstone, might return in old age for a fourth term. Astonishingly, Chr├ętien’s resurrection as interim leader continues to circulate here along with speculation about the NDP coalition the former Prime Minister is exploring.


Jen said...

Let me give some 'good' news Dr. Roy

Thanks Canada, for standing with Israel

National Post · Friday, Jun. 4, 2010

Re: Harper Seen As Champion Of Israel, Jonathan Kay, May 31.

It would be poor form for those of us living in Israel not to take a moment of our time to express gratitude for the noble and correct positions taken by our many friends in Canada.

Read on

My response to these Israelis.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, Chretien as interim leader of the Liberals! Say it ain't so, Dr. Roy! Out of ideas, out of touch, out of money, out of talent and out of here! Someone should drive a stake into the heart of this party (Liberal vampires - decrepit and hoary, living in the dark, sucking on the "blood" of others). Makes me shudder. Cheers, I think. FernStAlbert

Anonymous said...

Hey Doc, consider this: Travers has a well paid gig that is high status whereby he guns for the liberal party 365 per year. Kinda makes you wonder who is paying for this invasion of democratically run Canada doesn't it? I'm happy for now that Europe isn't entirely in control of Ottawa, and I'm not talking about the crown either. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...


What would your reaction if Bevilaqua crossed the floor over this immigration fiasco?

IMOP he would make an excellent Minister in charge of Toronto. This desertion would drive a stake into the Toronto Party.

I Support Lord Black