Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Tipper and the goreacle separate: It's President Bush's fault

Wow these lefties just can't let it go. Watch it here. What entitlement issues these lefties have.
The real news is the carbon footprint of the divorce.


Jen said...

Bush is not the only to be finger pointed at. PM stephen Harper was accused of causing the world's and canada recession.

I guess the volcanic ash eruption and the earthquakes was caused by PM as well.

Kunoichi said...

Bush Derangement Syndrome reaches new heights!

been around the block said...

I just figure that Tipper doesn't like waking up with a Rosemary's Baby hybrid next to her in bed: Have you checked out Al's eyes lately? They're hooded and reptilian, kind of like he's possessed.

SOMETHING's happened to him since the early 2000s. I blame it all on Bill Clinton. This is what can happen to a guy when he hooks up with Billary: insanity, but it makes money, lots of money.

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