Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SunTV News is needed

A great piece by Prof David Haskell of Wilfred Laurier University. There is actual bias in Canadian newsrooms. Surprise, Surprise. There is research backing up this claim. The worst offenders? the cbc of course.
Go tell the crtc that we need SunTv news.

Self-described “liberal” John Moore argued in the National Post left-wing media bias is “one of those gut things conservatives feel but can never prove.” The conservatives’ collective “guts” are onto something.

Ryerson University professors Marsha Barber and Ann Rauhala explored the demographic and political leanings of Canada’s television news directors. The results of their survey were published in 2005 in the Canadian Journal of Communication. The researchers found the news directors, the people “with the most direct responsibility for programming the news on any given day,” were more politically and socially liberal than the rest of the Canadian population.

Broken down by network, those working for the CBC were the most left-leaning.

Barber and Rauhala’s findings echo researchers David Pritchard and Florian Sauvageau’s survey results from years earlier. Regarding Canadian TV journalists, they found most felt the news organizations they worked for were “slightly left of centre” when it came to political outlook while they themselves were ideologically more left-leaning than their employers.

Other peer-reviewed studies have shown the personal values Canadian journalists hold and the ideologies they subscribe to influence the coverage they produce.

In their 2003 Donner Prize-nominated book, 'Hidden Agendas: How Journalists Influence the News,' Lydia Miljan and Barry Cooper show strong evidence of this link. They found when it comes to reporting on issues connected to social values, Canada’s national journalists regularly “slant” their coverage in order to privilege liberal views over socially-conservative perspectives. When the researchers turned their attention to TV news alone they found coverage by the CBC was most harsh against conservative positions.

For the last few years I’ve been examining the national news media’s relationship with evangelical Christians — a group well-known for its highly conservative social values.

In one study, published in the Journal of Communication and Religion, I analyzed 11 years of national TV news reports featuring those on the religious-right.

Like Miljan and Cooper, I found evidence of negatively slanted coverage.

Journalists, particularly those working for CBC TV, used omission, exaggeration or misrepresentation of information to present conservative Protestants and the positions they held in the worst possible light.

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