Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summit costs

Kevin page, hardly a friend of the Tories has done a study of summit costs at the behest of the dippers. I doubt the dipper grits will be very happy about the report.

OTTAWA — Canada’s budget watchdog says the costs of international leaders gatherings have grown significantly in recent years and there is nothing to show that the nearly $1-billion tab for the G8 and G20 summits in Canada is out of line with other countries.

Kevin Page, in a report released Tuesday, also concludes that the Harper government has been “relatively transparent” about the price tag compared to the silence of other countries in revealing their total costs.

“Hosting these international summits has typically been a very costly undertaking,” said Mr. Page, the parliamentary budget officer.

The report found that costs for the G8 in Huntsville, Ont., are not out of whack compared to other G8 meetings and that there is not enough international information available to draw conclusions about the G20 in Toronto.


The_Iceman said...

I wonder if the clowns raising Hell in Toronto realize that they are justifying government bringing in RCMP officers from accross the country?

Honey Pot said...

They truly are that stupid, that they don't get it. Just this little bit of bravado protesting by the leftards, has shown Canadians the cost for secruity was justified. All it will take is a leftard terrorist visting from outside of Canada, taking the risk of doing something truly stupid, to end it for the leftard activist here in Canada.

Anonymous said...

next time fly em to trenton. let them stay in barracks, eat mess food. secure the perimiter and let the press have access to all meetings. cheap and effective.

Anonymous said...

CTV has deep respect for the Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page as you have given him and his reports much air time in the past. His latest report on summit costs is conspicuous by its' absence in your news, and it is bizarre that you choose instead to air footage with Paul Martin ( a political legend in his own mind), who Canadians rejected as Prime Minister, to comment on Summit costs ( his expertise being??) when Page's summit report is the news item of the day. Don Martin has written comment in the National Post on Page's report, so it would be helpful if CTV took the time to publicize Page's report, as they have many of his others in the past, so Canadians can conclude for themselves the validity of Martin's comments, as well as give them insight into Page's report rather than rely on some partisan mumble jumble of a failed Prime Minister from the grave yard.
Definition of graveyard - A place where obsolete objects and things are kept.

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