Monday, June 14, 2010

Prof Mansur in Morocco

Prof Mansur is visiting Morocco and has some interesting things to say. He speaks of the Monarchy guiding Morocco to modenity. HM King Mohammed VI has liberalized some laws in Morocco and is a staunch opponent of the jihadis. HM has brought back Moroccan born jihadists to jail them. Things are by no means perfect but HM is trying to drag his nation into the 21st century.
Salim also notes that there are good Muslims who reject jihad and they must be encouraged. I recognize the jihadi threat all too well, but I do not want a never ending war with 1.5 billion people. We must encourage reformist of Islam , while ferociously opposing the jihadists and their apologists.

As I wait in a crowded square at one of the entrances into the old town of Fes in Morocco for musicians to take the stage after evening prayers, the scene before me is as far removed as it can be from quarrels of the world beyond the Atlas Mountains.

I have come to Fes to take in the sights and sounds of the most fascinating city in Morocco, likely in all of Africa. The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, held annually at this time, is unique as musicians and poets from around the globe gather here to celebrate the language of the heart that transcends any and all divisions among the children of Adam.

Fes was founded by Moulay Idris, a descendant of Muhammad, around 789. His son Moulay Idris II extended the town during his reign from 807 to 828, and he is buried in the centre of Fes inside a mosque remarkable for its interior art work and exquisite calligraphy in marble.

The old town of Fes is a labyrinth of narrow streets, shops and homes where, except for electricity and its working facilities, one is immediately transported back to the times of Maimonides, the revered Jewish sage from the 12th century, and earlier.

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