Saturday, June 05, 2010

Pro Israel Protest in Toronto

                                                                        Notice the anti Jewish sign


                                                           hezbollah's ally cupe

I went to counter protest the supporters of jihad and the jihadi flotilla, today in front of the Israeli Consulate in Toronto today. I met my friends Kathy, Arnie and Lumpy Grumpy Frumpy. There were perhaps 500 bad guys and about 100 good guys. We chanted Long Live Israel, while they chanted free Gaza and pro hamas slogans. The protest was somewhat smaller than I expected. It was all very peaceful. I think the prolonged counter attack by out blogs and our friends has reveal the true nature of the jihad flotilla. Indeed they say it themselves. It was not an aid flotilla, but a jihad flotilla. The aid is refused.

Rex understands.

I don’t suppose the world needs to remember Rwanda to note how sluggish in the face of imminent horror the United Nations is and can be. If that is not a sufficient cue, we could bring in other examples of areas of great threat or immiseration or both: Darfur, Tibet, Chechnya, North Korea, Zimbabwe, the Congo or Iran. On these the UN has the patience of a stone but only some of its energy.

But torpid as is its nature, and comatose as are its eternal deliberations, on one subject, and toward one state, the United Nations acquires a strange and uniquely transformative power. Bring Israel under its gaze and the diplomatic sloths at UN headquarters morph into the swiftest of gazelles. From lotus-eaters to adrenalin junkies in the twinkling of an eye. Quite amazing, really.

Update more pics here. Video here.


Winston said...

good pics

Pro not Against said...

I was at the pro-Gaza protest today in Toronto infront of the ROM. Please understand that the intent was not to condem Jews or even Israel but the extremist policies of Natanyahu's government against the people of Gaza. Yes, there were a few extremist signs amongst the crowd, but they were drown out by the many pro-Palestinian and NOT-anti-Israel signs and voices. Actually, I wished to go to the other side and collect an Israel flag so I can display it with the Palestinian and Irish flag I was carrying.

Anonymous said...

Why of course you're not a jew-hater,Dr.Muhammad Elmasry was only anti-Israel when he said ALL Israelis over 18 are valid targets for murder by Palestinians.
It's always those FEW trouble markers that ruin a Peaceful jew-loving rally to support the gay murdering suicide bomber Hamas Islamofascists only wanting their land back.
I'm of Native background,give me my land back and take your Pro-hamas Arabs and Muslims with you,or do I not have the same Rights as Gazan Muslims???

Your protests are wearing thin so please stop occupy MY land and building more Muslim settlements on MY soil,and stop build Mosques atop of non-Muslim land in canada.
Seems fair...Right?

Anonymous said...

Hi Roy,

Great seeing you again. Here's a shot I took with my phone.


paul said...

... judging from the wide-angle shots on flicker, the pro-Pal crowd looks more like 250-300. (add 2 or 3 to every sign)

Which might explain their more subdued tone. (given all the fuss they tried to drum up, surely it must have been a disappointing turn out for them).

Josephine said...

Great photos, Roy! Thanks for the link!

Owner and Doggy said...

Weren't most of the people on the flotilla from Greece? Maybe only the boat carrying the weapons had violent intent. All in all, there should be an objective investigation on what was the intent of the not the flotilla in its entirety, as 5 out of 6 boats did not have weapons on them, but on the intent of each group going to aid Gaza.

Anonymous said...

Good video and worth watching. (real conservative)

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