Tuesday, June 08, 2010

More Jobs!

More good econmic news. So is that why iffy isn't demanding to hear those economic report cards that he demanded before? Canada's economy is in very good shape. It would be evn better shape if iffy and the dippers hadn't forced billions in deficit spending.

Confidence about hiring has jumped to a two-year high as Canadian employers trust the recovery is taking root.

Hiring intentions for the July-September period are the most positive since 2008, led by expansion plans in mining and construction, Manpower Canada’s quarterly survey to be released Tuesday shows. About a fifth, or 22 per cent, of employers plans to add staff in the next quarter; 6 per cent see a decrease; and 69 per cent anticipate no change.

The report comes amid a recovery in Canada’s jobs market. The economy created 24,700 jobs in May, on top of the record 108,700 positions that were created in April, Statistics Canada said last week. Still, the jobless rate remains at 8.1 per cent as more people rejoin the labour market in search of work.

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Jen said...

I guess this is bad news then, the media seems to think so from their daily silence.

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