Thursday, June 10, 2010

marci macdonald whines some more

So marci mcdonald, militant atheist , has decided that we Christians are being mean to her. She felt that after writing 400 pages of lies , delusion and paranoid thoughts that conservatives in this country should celebrate her "scholarly effort". she seems unable to recognize the multiple(not 4) errors in her delusional tome. Her book has given the left another tool to try and bash the Tories. I think her book will in fact drive many to the conservative cause. Thank you marci macdonald for helping the conservative movement.
God Bless marci mcdonald. I pray that she may one day find the peace and joy that comes with knowing the love of Our Lord and Saviour.

At the time, my chief worry was that, in chronicling such a development, the book would be dismissed as a yawn,
the mere update of an article I had written four years earlier for The Walrus magazine. As it turns out, I've had no need to dwell on that fear. Less than a month after its release, I've found myself in a firestorm of controversy, the object of distinctly un-Christian invective and the unbridled wrath of the right-wing blogosphere. Charting the uneasy minuet of religion and politics in Stephen Harper's Ottawa appears to have given me a level of notoriety summed up in a current title on the best-seller list: I am, as one friend quipped, the girl who kicked the hornet's nest.


CanadianSense said...

It must be awful being called a bigot.

I am glad Ezra and others have the courage to call out those who are fearmongering against Christians while downplaying the real danger.

Anonymous said...

Just another liberal with mental problems who thinks she is 'mainstream.' Problem is this: she doesn't even know why or how Canada became liberal and who was behind it, worse still she doesn't know where we are actually going. If she knew the answers to those questions she would start voting conservative tomorrow. (real conservative)

been around the block said...

Anonymous: "Just another liberal with mental problems who thinks she is 'mainstream.'"


Like every L/liberal I know, Marci lives in a hermetically sealed bubble of delusional newspeak, quite divorced from the wo/man on the street.

She only talks to, listens to, lunches with, cottages with, cavorts with like-minded libbots and is shocked, I say, shocked when she's presented with another POV.

Poor, little, sheltered, protected, cosseted Marci. The real world is a crucible -- but maybe it takes being a Christian to understand that.

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