Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mansur on the Moroccan Crown

Arab republics are a disaster. Prof Mansur is quite impressed with Morocco. HM King Mohammed VI is not an enemy of the west or modernity.

As I prepare to leave Fes I know I will return. The story of Morocco is compelling and the people gracious.

What I have seen and heard from people — including a wonderful gentleman and military officer whom I met — indicate to me Morocco is on a path that might, if maintained, far advance this Maghrebian (westernmost) state in the Arab world toward sustainable development and democracy, in sharp contrast to failed states of the Mashreq (Arab east).

The secret of Morocco’s success has much to do with the monarchy and the broad support it has among the people.

Moroccan intellectuals at home and abroad, however, may shrink from fully embracing the monarchy due to the republican virus that has brought immense misery and ruin for Arabs wherever republicanism prevails — as in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Sudan and elsewhere.

When I point this simple reality to Moroccans with whom I have spoken at length, there is ready acknowledgment of how well the Alaouite dynasty has served the people.

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