Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Loyola Ruling

The Gazette thinks this is a victory for religious freedom. I certainly agree. Of course the atheist statists in Quebec city, want none of that. charest is appealing the decision. No wonder more parents are home schooling.

A strong majority of Loyola parents had asked that their children not be taught the mandatory ERC course, since it prevented the school from teaching from a Catholic perspective, which is after all the purpose of a Catholic school. When the government refused an exemption, Loyola's administration was emboldened to go to court. It has now won vindication for freedom of choice across the board: Other religious high schools will surely apply the ruling, and public schools will also have to grapple with the problem.

That's fine. This ill-conceived denial of religious orientation in the teaching of ethics won't be missed.

Judge Gerard Dugre said the government's bullying imposition of the ECR course "assumes a totalitarian character" like that of the Inquisition. True enough: The course has more to do with freedom from religion than freedom of religion.

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