Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Lots of Fun

catsmeat says the president of the grits is not a truth teller. While Alfred Apps says that what catsmeat says is untrue. This is truly a lot of fun.

In a sworn affidavit, Liberal Party strategist Warren Kinsella says the party's president, Alfred Apps, told him in May about "high level" discussions with NDP officials about the "creation of a new party."

The document comes amid fierce denials by leaders of both parties of a CBC News report that the Liberals and NDP have been holding secret talks about possibly merging to form a new entity to take on the Conservatives.

Kinsella, who was an adviser to former prime minister Jean Chr├ętien, writes that he took "detailed notes" of his conversation with Apps and was surprised when Apps told him there was "a lot of interest in merger in the NDP."

He said Apps told him the NDP would have to comply with three conditions: renouncing socialism and embracing a mixed-market economy, accepting Michael Ignatieff as leader, and having senior party "saints" such as Ed Broadbent and Roy Romanow promote the concept.

But Apps told CBC News that Kinsella's claims in the affidavit are not true. He insisted Kinsella called him and told him of the meetings of two party's senior figures, not the other way around.

Affidavit of Warren Kinsella_1

Jim Travers thinks pseudo chretien is finishing off what he started.

Conservatives are now well on the way to usurping that mantle. Harper’s relentless progress towards the holy grail of federal politics is greased only by Liberals unable to put aside habitual bickering long enough to explain first to themselves and then to voters what it means to be a 21st century progressive.

In effect, if not necessarily by intent, Liberals now behaving as Ignatieff’s worst enemies have become Harper’s best friends. They are focusing unflattering public attention on themselves just when you-gotta-be-kidding summit spending is making Conservatives vulnerable. More damaging in the medium term, Liberals are gift-wrapping a socialist coalition stick for Harper to use beating opponents silly in the coming campaign.


generalbrock said...

If they keep this up, they can just rename the party the SS Titanic. Just a whiff of a coalition at election time will sink them faster than Dion's green-shift.

Honey Pot said...

Mercy! who to believe? Their all liberals or lefties, so that makes them natural born liars.

It couldn't get any funnier than this, Iggy claiming his great grandfather was a refugee to Canada, should get an award for the biggest bullshit sob story of the year.

They are ripping each other's lungs out over this. It is fantastic.

Better yet Kory heading up a Fox news like program here in Canada, will mean the death of the CBC! It is just like Canada has come to its senses. This is a good day for Canada!

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