Friday, June 25, 2010

Long term benefits of summits

That's what some of Canada's top business leaders are saying. These summits will allow for increased business, always a good thing.

Some of Canada’s top CEOs say Canadians should expect long-lasting economic gains from the G20 summit thanks to the rare opportunity to showcase the country and form high-level connections with such growing world powers as China and India.

It’s a message that Canada’s business leaders are eager to share in the face of a steady stream of negativity surrounding a summit that has so far been dominated by stories of protests, high costs and the forced cancellation of Roy Halladay’s return to Rogers Centre.

But long after the fake lake has been drained and the $1-billion in summit expenses has been paid, business leaders say Canada will benefit from the weekend of disruption. As an example, about 250 of China’s top business leaders joined President Hu Jintao for a state visit Thursday in Ottawa.


Anonymous said...

Any opportunity to showcase the country is good pr. Toronto is our largest city with a vibrant, mulitcultural community. There are always benefits when the world travels and sees Canada as more than mountains and moose. Cheers. FernStAlbert

Anonymous said...

oh no the one thousand or so jays fans that give a damn wont be able to see a pitcher they used to have. boo friggin hoo.

the liberals tended to gloss over the fact that pittsburgh saw gains after the summit they held. oh well, dont let facts get in the way of a good smear.


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