Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Libby denounced in the American Spectator

Our national embarrassment is also being denounced in the US, albeit by a Canadian writer. libby needs to resign. I hope her constituents will come to thei senses and vote her out into the oblivion that she richly deserves.

Personally, I hope Davies stays on as NDP Deputy Leader. So long as she remains in a senior level position of leadership within the NDP it will serve as a constant reminder that I made the right decision to leave the NDP. It would serve as a reminder of the NDP's implacable and irrational hostility towards Israel. It would also serve as a reminder that conservatives are Israel's greatest champions, be they in the United States or Canada.

And she is a 9/11 truther.


Jen said...

Have you noticed Roy, that the media is hush hush on DAVIES'S comment. Sure, the media had on paper but repetitively heard on national television? Not a chance- why?, Davies, for the NDP is part of the liberals/bloc/ndp coalition and anything bounded or tied to the media's beloved liberals, is, are, heavily protected and any remarks made by any of them that is offensive is just heard once for a few minutes then, into the cabinet it goes.
In other words, the coalition parties have the media to their 'beck n call'.

been around the block said...

'Agreed, Jen. The Canadian media is, in effect, an unelected Opposition. 'Some "democracy" we have here.

Libby Davies is an utter embarrassment not only to her party but to Canadian politics. If she were a Conservative making these ungrounded and inflammatory statements, she'd have the whole Librano/Dipper/Bloc(heads) and their snarling attack dogs tearing her apart and calling for her extinction -- let alone her resignation!

One can only hope that the invincible ignorance -- not to mention the bigoted arrogance -- of Leftards like Davies will eventually be their Achilles Heel. Being a realist and not one who thinks "that things have got to get better," I have no optimism attached to this particular hope, but I AM clear that nothing is impossible with G*d!

Josephine said...

Thank you for posting these, Roy. I especially appreciate the one which shows our Prime Minister standing up for truth and integrity.

been around the block said...

O.M.G. I just realized that Libby Davies looks a lot like LPC insider and public relations practitioner and commentator Patrick Gossage, only about 100 pounds heavier!

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