Monday, June 14, 2010

libby davis

libby davies was caught exposing her true feelings on Israel and the Jewish people. She is deputy leader of the dippers. She would be a senior member of the grit/dipper alliance.  Even taliban jack had trouble with this.

OTTAWA — New Democratic Party deputy leader Libby Davies is in hot water in her own caucus over controversial comments she made this month at an anti-Israeli protest when she appeared to question the Jewish state’s right to exist, while also suggesting that she believes it should face a boycott and sanctions.

The remarks, made in Vancouver and captured on the above video, which is circulating rapidly on the Internet, have provoked an angry backlash among members of the NDP caucus, including Leader Jack Layton — who quickly distanced himself from Ms. Davies. “I have spoken to the [Israeli] ambassador [to Canada], to indicate very clearly that those comments were not the position of our party and Ms. Davies has sent a letter indicating that she made a very serious mistake,” Mr. Layton said. “I told her it was a serious mistake.”

The video shows Ms. Davies answering a series of questions about the situation in the Middle East, starting with comments suggesting that Israel has been occupying territories since 1948, which is the year of its independence.

“[The occupation started in] ‘48. It’s the longest occupation in the world,” she said in the video. “People are suffering. I’ve been to the West Bank and Gaza twice, so I see what’s going on.”

Ms. Davies also expressed her personal support for an international campaign for a boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, breaking ranks with her party’s official position.

I will give libby davis credit for allowing my comment on her website. I wrote :Hilarious
Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 06/11/2010.
Libby you have again shown your true colours. You support hamas and hezbollah. you are not a friend of the Jewish people. You are Canada's Helen Thomas. I hope your constituents retire you. You are an embarassment to Canada.

I would have posted under my own name but couldn't figure out how. So I publicly claim my comment.


Hoarfrost said...

Thank you for expressing my feelings to Libby davis since I agree with your comments to her completely. I had her pegged when she used to be an NDP spokesperson on the 5 pm CTV show with one of our favourite senators to be.

Anonymous said...

There is no mistake as party officials are saying. Davies said what she feels and is apparently offside with the party brass (maybe). Davies needs to be exposed rightly so for this anti Israel sentiment. Does anybody have the guts to force her to explain her comments?

kursk said...

Scratch a leftist and find an anti-Semite..

Shocking, I know...

Libby Davis..anti-semite

Patrick Ross said...


I actually consider it to be unfair to label anyone who criticizes Israel an anti-Semite. I support Israel, but have some criticisms of my own.

Anonymous said...

#1 1948 was when palestinian land was stolen, why palestine why not half of utah or a quarter of manitoba since when was the un aloud to give away other peoples land?
#2 yea so what there bringing in bread? bring in some real food not just bread and water
#3 no where does she say she supports hezbolla or hamas she is standing up for the impoverished people who were kicked out of their homes and watched them get demolished

I Support Lord Black