Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Leaving the EU

 The people of the United Kingdom would vote to leave the EU.  Baroness Thatcher is yet again right. It is time for a referendum on the lisbon treaty. The eu has become one of the ultimate threats to the freedom of the people of Europe.

to a new opinion poll by Angus Reid, 51 per cent of us believe that EU membership is, on balance, bad for Britain, while only 31 per cent think it beneficial. In a referendum, we would vote by 42 to 35 per cent to withdraw. While Conservative supporters are slightly more Euro-sceptic than Labour or Lib Dem supporters, all three parties are wildly out of line with their electorates.

Observe once again how – in Edmund Burke’s magnificent metaphor - the oxen are more sensible than the insects. A majority of Britons have reached the level-headed view that their country would be wealthier and freer if it made its own laws – despite this view not being advocated by a single political party represented in the House of Commons or a single national newspaper. People are wiser than their leaders.

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