Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kory vs don

A cbc godfather attacks SunTv's Kory Teneycke. The delusional newman thinks there are equal numbers for opinions on cbc. newman asked Kory if he was the only Tory on CBC. In fact that is almost the case.
It was of course 2 against one. newman keeps talking about th peanuts that Kory was being paid. I think Kory pretty well demolished the other two.

Go help get this much needed network on TV in Canada.

Kory vs Don from roy eappen on Vimeo.


Hoarfrost said...

So that's Don Newman. He is boring. So much so that a can barely remember what work he has done.

Anonymous said...

do you get the feeling that old don newman is a bit worried that sun news could actually unlock all the pent up conservatism in this country and permanently banish the liberal party of canada? THESE GUYS ARE TERRIFIED!
why else would they be trying so hard to pigeonhole a channel before day one is broadcast.
Kory, you F'in ROCK!!!!!


Louise said...

Don Newman is laughable. He thinks because he covered a Conservative Party convention that makes him unbiased.

Dr. Roy, your link "much needed network on TV in Canada" is broken. I think the "http" is missing its "h".

Roy Eappen said...

Thanks Louise

Jen said...

CBC IS GETTING NERVOUS-GOOD! It is about time that we have a more conservative view on matters and you are right Anonymous, Newman is afraid that the 'new media' will expose the CBC and Newman for keeping the 'liberals' corruption away from the public.

CBC CTV are to blame for all this. their created their own hell hole and we canadians are not allowing ourselves to follow in them.

Newman says that CBC is 'fair and balance', they are correct except it is between the liberals ndp and the bloc(coalition) each of them get fair and balance reporting and interviewing.

been around the block said...

WHOA! Pile-on, or what?

(And that last shot of Newman says it all ... gee, Evan, how come you didn't REALLY sock it to Kory?)

I had to laugh, through a wince and a grimace, when Evan Soloman kept grilling Kory Teneycke on "will the new channel be fair and balanced"?

EXCUSE ME? The new channel is under no obligation -- as the CBC is, but does an abysmal job of -- to be "fair and balanced." SunTV is a private enterprise (surprise, surprise, tax-subsidized CBC) and can broadcast whatever the Hell they want, Mr. Soloman.

Don Newman is a Leftie-insider puppet: look at his eyes glow in the opening shot. I was offended when he kept goading Kory about being paid to come on Soloman's show: Mr. Teneycke's supposed to come on free when no one else does? On top of which, Mr. Teneycke's tax dollars are helping to pay himself -- and Don Newman's salary, and Evan Soloman's, for years has been solely paid for by the Canadian taxpayer.

I applaud this new channel and look forward to seeing Mr. Soloman and Mr. Newman eat crow: How would you like it, boys? With the works?

You got it!

Louise said...

"pent up conservatism" isn't the only thing that will be released. The CBC, with it's nearly 60 years of Liberal Party stacked administration, has done a very good job of creating the leftist leaning outlook that so many of our fellow Canadians take false pride in. It, and institutions like the National Film Board carefully nurtured the leftist point of view and systematically ignored and barred any contrary voices.

Next step. Defund the CBC and let them stand on their own.

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