Thursday, June 10, 2010

Joseph Ben Ami replies

Joseph Ben Ami and his wife Lynne are friends of mine. I saw Lynne in Ottawa and she greeted me warmly, as Joseph does when I see him. I have never known him to give out bear hugs. I was somewhat disturbed that marci mcdonald was using him to justify her vile attack on Christians in Canada. I emailed him last night to get his take on her article in the Ottawa citizen. he sent me this link. Once again mcdonald plays fast and loose with the truth

Enough already! My response to Marci McDonald
Thursday, 10 June 2010

It has been several weeks since the book The Armageddon Factor was released, igniting a storm of controversy that author Marci McDonald says she neither intended, nor anticipated. Perhaps so, but one gets the feeling that she’s not entirely unhappy with the attention. What really bothers her, she says, is the invective that has been directed her way since the book’s publication. And now she’s fighting back…and she’s using me to do so.

In a column published by the Ottawa Citizen June 9, McDonald tells how I greeted her with a “massive bear hug” prior to appearing on a CTV panel together. The implication is clear: Marci McDonald remains a good friend of one of the two (according to the Toronto Star) official “spinmeisters” of Canada’s conservative movement, and a Jew at that – Joseph Ben-Ami.

Except - the above episode never happened. When McDonald and I greeted one another before our joint appearance on CTV’s Power Play, all we did was touch cheeks gently, as standard a greeting between a man and a woman as shaking hands is between two men. That she would portray such a common and innocuous gesture as a “massive bear hug” illustrates a disturbing willingness to adjust facts to fit her personal narrative. This would be fine if she were Dan Brown (author of The Da Vinci Code) but she's not. She's supposed to be a serious journalist and her book, a serious work of journalism.

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