Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jonathan Kay on Our Security Forces

Jonathan Kay discusses the rioting idiots and the security services that protect us. I am always dubious of these summits. The idiots have somewhat changed my mind.

The earth moved last Wednesday afternoon, both literally and metaphorically.

In parts of Ontario and Quebec and several northern U.S. states, an earthquake shook buildings and streets. In Washington, an incompetent and arrogant American president fired one of the finest military leaders the country has had in a half-century just as troops prepared for a major and vital campaign.

Nobody died due to the earthquake; people will die because of U.S. President Barack Obama’s hubris and pomposity.

What Gen. Stanley McChrystal said or allowed to be said by his staff about the Obama, U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden and a handful of senior advisers was rude and deserved a reprimand and warning. A bigger man than Obama — Bush or Reagan or even Clinton — would have done this. But not he who can do no wrong and has been told by the media for years now that he is god-like.


Jim Pook said...

Dr. Roy:

Sorry, I can't agree with you on this one.

General McChrystal stepped over the line with his and his advisors comments being published in Rolling Stone.

I'm not really supporting the Community Organisor, but even he has to show he is in command.

McChrystal has many problems, this was not the least of them. Glad to see him out, perhaps now we can get on with fighting to win, rather than fighting to withdraw.

lance said...

I agree with Jim Pook.

That level of undisciplined behaviour and loose talk is deserving of everything that's happened.

That it happened to be a Rolling Stone reporter was happenstance. If they were that undisciplined it would have broken any time and they most certainly shared their opinions with lower ranks which could be devastating to the main mission.

Good riddance McChrystal and your circus of louts.

Fred from BC said...

Jim Pook said...

I'm not really supporting the Community Organizer, but even he has to show he is in command.

Absolutely. Now if only Iggy could figure that out, the Liberals might have a fighting chance in the next election.

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