Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Jazz Singer

                                                                         David Bushman (center)

I went to the Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre production of the Jazz Singer. It was actually a very good show. It was sung in Yiddish with some English with supertitles. It is the well known story of a the son of a cantor , who wants to be a jazz singer and not follow in his father's footsteps. Al Jolson starred in the 1927 movie, which was the first talkie. The sets and costumes were wonderful. The choreography was very professional. The cast was amazing. The actress( Lisa Rubin)  who played Miriam was particularly good. She has an amazing voice. I expect I will see her on Broadway one day. My compliments to the extremely talented  Elan Kunin who adapted the book , did the score, lyrics and was one of the stars of the show. Overall an excellent evening of theatre. Another review here. More photos here.
You really must see the show! It is playing June 6-27, 2010.


Elan Kunin said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I would like to point out however that the person in the centre of that photo isn't me but the incredible David Bushman.

Thanks again,

Elan Kunin

Roy Eappen said...

Thanks for the correction. I am a long time supporter of the theatre. Your show was excellent. You are very talented.

Jen said...

O/T Dr. Roy, read the whole story.

Standing by Israel

Conrad Black, National Post · Saturday, Jun. 12, 2010

'Stephen Harper has shown foresight and political courage by turning Canada into Israel's greatest friend in the world.'

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Taylor Tower said...


My name is Taylor Tower (, Public Relations Coordinator at the Segal Centre for Performing Arts.

Kindly credit Randy Cole, photographer. Those pictured are (from left to right):
Group on Left
Stéphanie Lessard (brown dress)
Amanda Shilo (middle)
Mikey Samra

Kenny Stein (with box)
David Bushman
Cheryl-Ann Lilieth (flowered blouse)

Group on Right
Jonathan Patterson (striped shirt)
Cynthia Fish
Chris Barillaro (obscured in back)

In the future, please contact me directly for all photos and other PR-related materials. If you could kindly send me your email, I will add you to our media lists so you can receive press releases from us.


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