Sunday, June 20, 2010


most Canadians still think the summits are a good idea. It is my impression that once all those world leaders are in town and the spotlight is on Toronto, people will be busy watching the coverage of the conferences. Another fail for iffy.

OTTAWA - A fake lake, faux Muskoka backdrops and a $1-billion price tag are troubling but not enough to turn off a majority of Canadians to the benefits of summitry, a new poll suggests.
Three-quarters of respondents to The Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll said this week's G8 and G20 summits in Ontario are important and worth the expense of their country hosting.
Some 76 per cent said the back-to-back weekend summits in Muskoka and Toronto were either very or somewhat important versus 20 per cent that said they were opposed.
Survey respondents favoured their country hosting the 72 hours of talks by a 68-26 margin.
The Harper government has been under fire in recent weeks for the bloated cost of the summits, the vast majority of which is for security.

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Owner and Doggy said...

"Of those polled who expressed awareness of the summits, 61 per cent said they were "too expensive to be worth it," while 32 per cent said the summits' costs were justified."

From your article.

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