Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I suspect that the complaints about the G34 and G8 will fast disappear when the eyes of the world are on Canada.

In a sense, every global summit is a “successful failure.” And the upcoming G8 and G20 gatherings of world leaders in Muskoka and Toronto promise to be no different.

Only progress to which the participants have previously agreed has a chance of being officially ratified. Most of the intractable disagreements will remain so. All that will be reflected in a pallid final communiqué.

Still, it’s a bit surprising that a city that has so often tried and failed to land the Olympics or a World’s Fair would be so out of sorts about Hogtown becoming the centre of world attention for a few days later this month. The week of June 22-27 will see the greatest concentration of top geopolitical decision-makers in history.

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Honey Pot said...

It will be a successful failure. Is it just me or does everyone feel a sort of pride that we are holding it here in Canada?

Harper does us proud when he puts us on the world stage.

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