Monday, June 21, 2010

In Praise of HM PM Harper

Daniel Hannan Tory MEP admires HM PM Harper. As I have said before I wish that HM PM Cameron would have mimiced our Tories and had a minority government. It's nice to see that our UK Tory cousins appreciate us. After all we are all members of the vast worldwide right wing conspiracy and we should learn from each other.

I’m delighted that my party has caught up with this blog’s hitherto niche interest in Canadian Toryism. Canada is the only truly successful G8 economy, having determinedly lived within its means. George Osborne is reported to be interested in the record of its previous Liberal government, but the record of the excellent Stephen Harper – perhaps the most Anglophile leader anywhere in the world – merits just as much attention.

Harper is a magnificent fiscal conservative, but he lacks an overall majority, and so has had to rely on Liberal support. The Liberals have insisted on a number of measures that have increased spending, and then turned around and complained about the ensuing deficit. George Osborne should study that experience.

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Anonymous said...

daniel hannan is probably the most fascinating public speaker i have ever seen. the youtube video in which he rips many a strip off gordon brown is absolutely priceless.


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